Speaker, Trainer, Change Agent

Totally dedicated to make the world a better place through training, speaking and inspiring.

I make people think,


Deon Groenewald is a Speaker, Trainer and a Change Catalyst.

He has been involved in speaking and training for over 10 years and has made a profound impact on his audience.

He specialises in making people think, differently.

When Deon speaks, he alters the belief we have about ourselves, our abilities, our products, our customers and the world we live in.

He stirs the soal of his listeners to create a new hope and belief that our dreams are possible.

Deon started training and speaking full time in 2010 as an NLP and Life Coach Trainer in Southern Africa. He has built Action Factory into a leading world brand. Action Factory has won numerous awards in its field and has produced the world Award winning Practitioner in NLP.

He has trained thousands of students in South Africa, and his online products has reached 87 countries world wide.

He has trained Executive Coaches in large corporate all around South Africa. Some of his recent clients are Standard Bank, First National Bank, Makro Safe, Caxton and MultiChoice.

He has created many video and online products such as Illusion of control and a Coaching Guide.

In 10 years, most of his listeners gave written feedback and has ranked him as excellent. He has collected over 5000 written feedback documents with only excellent replies.

Where many speakers “copy paste”, Deon has developed his own approach that is very informal, entertaining and captivating. His skill has been perfected by training students’ full days for many consecutive days and learning how to hold their attention. For almost 10 years he has spent on average 24 days per month in front of an audience.

His slogan has always been,” change your mind, change your life”.

He challenges the listener on how we think and communicate as humans. Always leaving them with a new learning and understanding.


Deon is a certified Master and Trainer in NLP and Life Coaching.

He is registered/ Certified/ Accredited by COMENSA, ANLP, INLPTA, IACTM, ICR and CIPPT.

Ever woken up in the morning and looked around you and said

“There is something wrong in this world, something needs to change”

We live in a world where we are very focused on our intellect. We believe we know things. Well if we are smart then answer these questions;

Why are there millions of people dying of hunger and yet we have surplus food in some countries?

Why are we destroying our rain forests even though we know we should not?

Why is there still wars when we know we can live in harmony?


The answer is simple. We have been so focused on our intellect that we ignored the genius and real part of our brain that we should be using more of.

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